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Online Classes & Private Lessons

EveryBODY Gymnastics is excited to soon offer online classes, as a first-hand opportunity to learn about the culture change and pedagogy we espouse. We will have an offering of both online group fitness Classes as well as online Private Lessons to give people multiple modalities in which to participate.  There will also soon be an opportunity for in-person Private Lessons too, out of the MIT duPont Gymnastics Facility in Cambridge, MA.

What is Gymnastics Fitness?


Utilizing the EveryBODY Gymnastics approach rooted in the physics and biomechanics of movement, Gymnastics Fitness training helps you to develop and maintain strength, flexibility, endurance, power, and balance through targeted gymnastics-based conditioning, as well as helps to improve proprioception and understanding of skills through appropriate and progressive drills that can be made accessible to all levels.


Gymnastics Fitness is not a ‘Burn and Churn’ cardio-intensive workout designed to exhaust you within minutes like many other exercise classes. We utilize a ‘Move and Recover’ fitness method, allowing you to perform each movement to its fullest, so that you’re not just gaining muscle strength, you’re gaining muscle memory. 

WHO are EveryBODY Gymnastics classes and lessons for?

They are for anyone 18+, anywhere in the world, of all levels, abilities, and experiences. So long as you are awake and available to attend a lesson at the time it is offered, you are invited to join us!

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