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Online Lessons

EveryBODY Gymnastics is excited to offer online lessons, as a first-hand opportunity to learn about the culture change and pedagogy we espouse. We have an offering of both online group fitness Classes as well as online Private Lessons to give people multiple modalities in which to participate.


WHO are EveryBODY Gymnastics online lessons for?

They are for anyone 18+, anywhere in the world, of all levels, abilities, and experiences. So long as you are awake and available to attend a lesson at the time it is offered, you are invited to join us!


HOW do I participate in EveryBODY Gymnastics online lessons from home?


 - Clear an open area with a soft (carpeted/matted) floor, about 6'x8’ (basically, as wide as your wingspan is x as tall as you are with your arms over your head).



 - Be near a soft, heavy height (i.e. a couch or a bed).

 - Have a strip of empty, sturdy wall/door.

 - Put a stable, non-rolling chair with a back (a table can also work) nearby.



 - Have a computer/phone/tablet capable of connecting to the internet, with a webcam/video camera that also has audio, in order to use the Zoom application.



 - Wear appropriate gym clothes/athletic-wear that moves with you, but isn't restrictive (i.e. really baggy clothing as well as tight street clothing are both problematic).

 - Socks can be worn for warm-ups, but will need to be removed for the actual lesson, as they can be slippery, and shoes should not be worn at all. 
 - Tie your hair back out of the way if it gets in your face.

 - Remove any loose jewelry - stud earrings, flat rings (i.e. wedding bands), and cloth bracelets/necklaces are OK, but it's always safest to remove everything, especially any dangling metal jewelry.

 - Use any braces or splints you need, like an ankle brace or wrist guards.


 - Have a full water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated.
 - Do not eat or chew gum during the lesson.


WHERE and WHEN do register for EveryBODY Gymnastics online lessons?

Reserve your space for all online lessons through the specific page for each type, Classes or Private Lessons. Click on the Description link for each lesson for more information about that class/lesson, and click on the Reserve button to register to save your spot and to get the Zoom link for the lesson.

Lesson reservations open up 21 days in advance of the lesson date, and close 24 hours before the lesson.


NOTE: Only PayPal and credit/debit card payments are accepted at this time (as there is no way for us to take cash or check payments).

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