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EBG Competition Club


As an all new adult gymnastics competition club, we are focused on helping less experienced people learn how to compete in gymnastics.  A first of its kind, this new venture is based on a vision that has been cultivated for over a decade now by Adult Gymnastics pioneer Abbie Green.  The competition club will focus on breaking down the barriers of ageism in gymnastics competition and promoting universal gymnastics culture reform.

It can be difficult for a person new to gymnastics as an adult to make the transition into competing, and our new competition club will provide the needed structure for less experienced gymnastics practitioners to be able to succeed in a recreational competitive gymnastics environment.  More experienced gymnasts are also welcome to join, as long as they support the mission of helping those new to competition feeling included and empowered.



Our primary practices are on Sunday afternoons (i.e. 2-4:15p, but the exact time slot is subject to change from time-to-time), and we do registrations on both a monthly, and a quarterly basis (i.e. fall session is 9/1-11/30, winter session is 12/1-2/28, spring session is 3/1-5/31, & summer session is 6/1-8/31).  We also do a Friday night (7:45-9:45p) practice once/month, and there are also weekly Zoom workouts on Wednesday evenings (7:30-8:30p).  Practices are not mandatory, but of course the more you show up, the more prepared for competition you become.  There are also no misses/make-ups - i.e. everything is pre-paid for the entire session in order to set the team roster for the quarter.


Speaking of dues, there is an Annual Membership Fee of $35, an Annual Insurance Fee of $50, and then practices cost either $115/month or $290/session.  We do offer a First Trial Practice for $25, that can be applied to the rest of your dues if you decide to join - please contact us to arrange when to come in for a trial practice.  Uniforms range in price from about $40-$90, depending on which version you get (leos, step-ins, shorts, leggings...).  There are also branded club t-shirts for $22.  Any other events, like meets or camps, are additional. 


With regard to competition, we primarily compete in the NAIGC (National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs), but sometimes we might also attend AAU (Amatuer Athletic Union) and NGA (National Gymnastics Association) meets too.  We are open to a wide range of levels of experience in gymnastics, and don't have a minimum skill level per se, just that members are able to work productively and safely on their own.


Here are some guidelines of the skill level needed to get started with the Competition Club:

  • Lever Handstand (i.e. kicking up, but no necessarily getting feet together, or all the way to vertical)

  • One of the following skills: Forward Roll / Backward Roll / Headstand / Handstand / Cartwheel

  • Chassé

  • Assemblé

  • Straight Jump

  • Split Leap (with 60º leg separation)

  • Pivot Turn

  • Half (1/2) Turn on Toe


Some good goal skills are:

  • Two of the following skills: Forward Roll / Backward Roll / Headstand / Handstand / Cartwheel

  • Handstand Forward Roll

  • Dive Roll

  • Round-off

  • Tuck Jump

  • Split Jump (with 90º leg separation)

  • Split Leap (with 90º leg separation)

  • Full (1/1) Turn on Toe




We do registration on a rolling basis, so all you have to do to get the full registration instructions is send in your interest statement of 1-2 paragraphs about why you’d like to join this competition club.  Make sure to talk about what you hope to get out of the experience / what your goals are, as well as what you're willing to do / contribute to help make the experience a positive and successful one for everyone!

PLEASE make sure to add our email address ( to your contact list so that our emails don't get filtered to your Spam folder!  THANKS!!

Thanks for your interest! We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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