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Founding Principles

Our Founding Principles are:

  1. Universal respect, support, and safety should be the foundation for all relationships and policies inside (and outside) the gym.

  2. Enjoying gymnastics is infinitely more important than training elite and/or winning medals.

  3. There is no wrong body to do gymnastics - no wrong body shape, size, type, weight, height, gender, ability, experience, or age.

  4. Science and education should be at the foundation of all aspects of gymnastics and coaches’ training.

  5. Training to be an elite athlete by definition requires a level of consent that only an adult can give, and that not only should children not be subjected to this regimen before the age of 16, they don’t need to be in order to reach an elite level.

  6. Gymnastics competition rules don’t need to be complex and confusing, for judges, coaches, athletes, parents, spectators, or fans.

  7. Financial accessibility and transparency can only make the sport stronger.

  8. The national governing body should be created with athletes, and have athletes involved in the governance and operations, in order to best serve its athletes.

  9. Gymnastics is for gymnasts, not parents, coaches, or gym owners. People over profits.

  10. Gymnastics culture change will only come with culture change thought leadership.

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