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Special Olympics Gymnastics Class


We are beyond to excited to be able to offer a Special Needs / Adaptive Gymnastics Class as part of our programming.  This is a gymnastics class designed to accommodate people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities who would benefit from learning gymnastics in a setting outside of a neurotypical class.  We serve people between the ages 8 - 60 years old, and focus on creating a fun and safe environment for everyone in the class.​ 


Students in this class will work on developmental gymnastics skills and drills, such as: Rolling, Overhead support, Arching, Running, Jumping, Kicking, Hanging, and Straight-arm support, along with of course strength, flexibility, and balance.  We'll also explore overall body movement, awareness, control, and coordination, while always incorporating focus, courage, safety, and injury prevention.  Every student will have an opportunity to go on every gymnastics apparatus - Floor, Vault, Bars, Beam, Parallel Bars, Rings, and Pommel Horse.

Under the guidance of our Head Coach Abbie (with over 15 years of experience coaching Special Olympics Gymnastics), we are an all-volunteer program, and we're always looking for more volunteers to join our crew!  There is no specific experience required to volunteer with our program, although experience with gymnastics and/or working with a special education population are a bonus.  The most important qualities we're looking for though are a positive attitude and a lot of patience!  Volunteers are also not expected to be able to make a commitment to be at every class, which is why we depend on a deep pool of people to help make sure every participant succeeds.  Parents, siblings, and other family members who would like volunteer are welcome!


Here are the details for the Spring-2 2024 Session:


Class Dates: Sun 4/21/2024 - Sun 6/9/2024 (except no class on Sun 6/2, i.e. 7 classes over 8 weeks)
Class Day & Time: Sundays 4:15-5p
(i.e. 45 mins.)

Cost: $60/student 
Location: MIT duPont Gymnasium, 120 Vassar St., Cambridge, MA 02139

Information about the Special Olympics MA Summer Games Gymnastics Competition:

Date: Sat 6/15/2024

Time: 12:30-4:30p

Cost: $0!

Location: Yellow Jackets Gymnastics, 274 Newbury St., Peabody, MA 01960

Here are the PRELIMINARY details for the Fall 2024 Session:


Class Dates: Sundays Sept. 2024 - Nov. 2024 (i.e. ~every week for ~12 classes)
Class Day & Time: Sundays 4:15-5p
(i.e. 45 mins.)

Cost: ~$100/student 
Location: MIT duPont Gymnasium, 120 Vassar St., Cambridge, MA 02139

If someone is unable to register for a whole session, we do allow drop-ins at a cost of $12/class, however it is highly recommended that students register for the whole session.  All students are still required to fill out the Registration Form below before attending any classes.  All payments are due by the student's first class.  Some financial aid, as well as payment plans are available for those in need; please inquire. 


We are both taking registrations for students, and also recruiting volunteers to help coach and manage the class. 

-> If you are interested in registering someone to be a student in the class, please fill out our

EBG Special Olympics Participant registration webform.

-> If you are interested in volunteering to help coach and manage the class, please fill out our

EBG Special Olympics Volunteer registration webform.

Registration Deadline: For new students and volunteers, please try to fill out the registration forms at least one week before the session begins if possible.  We will accept registrations on a rolling basis though as long as we can accommodate them.

We will send out registration confirmations, within 48 hours of receiving a webform submission, with all logistical information you might need to know (like, for example, how to make payments, where to park, how to get to the gym, etc.).

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