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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is:

Our mission is to produce and advance the thought leadership needed to help foster the long overdue culture change in gymnastics that has only just begun, through deep analysis of the issues, collecting all information and documentation into one master resource, and thus providing professional consulting services to anyone and everyone in the gymnastics community, both in the U.S. and abroad.


We seek to position ourselves in a place of collaboration with all gymnasts of all levels and experiences - including both survivors of abuse and those who had positive experiences, as well as with medical and sports professionals, to be able to find solutions that utilize evidence-based science along with the best coaching techniques while eradicating all of the abusive, harmful, and disrespectful ones.


We envision a world where everyone who wants to do gymnastics has access to do so, without judgment, in a safe learning environment - both physically and emotionally, while maintaining consent as a top priority. 


We demand a national governing body that serves and protects its athletes by including them in the governance and operations processes, creates rules and policies that everyone can understand, and thus allowing us to finally reclaim gymnastics for gymnasts.

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