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Private Lessons

Online Private Lessons are a great way to supplement your training, regardless of whether or not you have access to training in-person at a gym. Lessons are conducted via Zoom from your own home or gym, and you can get targeted instruction in any one of, or combination of, the many aspects of gymnastics. You can request which area you would like to work on, suggest an area not mentioned below, propose a specific skill of interest, or you can ask for the coach's recommendation, to tailor the workout to the person.

Private Lessons are available for 1, 2, or 3 people at a time to get individual or small group instruction in any one of, or combination of, the following aspects of gymnastics:






























WHEN can I take EveryBODY Gymnastics online private lessons?


Online Private Lessons are available on a regular schedule: 

(basically, right before and after other online programming)

  • Sundays  1:45-2:45p  &  4:30-5:30p

  • Thursdays  4:30-5:30p  &  7:15-8:15p

Other times may also be possible, pending the coach's availability, so please inquire if you would like to see if another time could work, but the above times are the only ones with regular availability.


Hour & a half and two-hour lessons can also be scheduled, and are also available at other times as well, so please inquire if interested.

Key Conditioning Areas

  • Strength (Upper Body, Core, Lower Body)

  • Stretching & Flexibility

  • Endurance/Cardio

  • Speed, Power, & Control

  • Plyometrics (Lower Body & Upper Body)

  • Agility & Coordination

  • Balance

  • Grace & Rhythm

Other Complementary Areas

  • Visualization - A Four-Part Method

  • Physics, Technique, & Form

  • Focus, Discipline, & Listening Skills

  • Courage, Confidence, & Commitment

  • Safety & Injury Prevention

  • Coachability & Having a Good Attitude

  • Nutrition & Eating

  • Body Positivity


  • Vault

  • Uneven Bars

  • Balance Beam

  • Floor (Tumbling, Dance, & Choreography)

  • Pommel Horse

  • Still Rings

  • Parallel Bars

  • High Bar

  • Trampoline

Base Warm-Up Modalities

  • Static Stretching

  • Active Mobility

  • Strength/Muscle Activation

  • Functional Movement

  • Apparatus-specific